Bulk Filing of Income Tax returns with Saral IncomeTax

In this post, we will discuss the process of bulk filing of Income Tax returns. Also, we will see the flow chart which will give you a clear picture of bulk filing of returns.

Saral IncomeTax – A software for CAs, tax practitioners, and corporates which allows the bulk filing of Income Tax Returns. Our company, Relyon Softech Ltd is an ERI (e-Return Intermediary) for uploading ITR e-returns which allows users of our software to efficiently file e-returns using Saral IncomeTax.

The facility is also available in Saral TaxOffice which is a complete tax and office management software for CAs.

Saral Income Tax has bulk e-filing facility wherein users can upload the finalized ITR XML returns in bulk with a single click.

Using our software makes it very simple to file bulk ITRs without having to log in to each Assesses’ ITR login for uploading the ITR XML. No more dependency on ITD web portal for filing the returns.

And since our software is desktop-based, your data is secure in your system.

Users can also get the e-filing status instantly and it can be checked at any point of time.

The ITR-V will be mailed to the email address mentioned in the ITR return, and will also be available in Assessees’ individual ITR login at Income Tax Department web portal.

Using Saral TaxOffice is beneficial in maintaining both client information and for return filing. You can enter and manage your client data and port that existing data for ITR filing.

  • Get data from clients and analyze
  • If tax computation is required, enter the basic details in Saral Income Tax
  • If tax computation is not required, enter the ITR details.
  • Once that is done, validate the details.
  • Now you can generate the XML file for e-filing

Bulk filing of ITRs

  • If you are filing ITR in bulk, then go to the ERI option and select all the ITRs that has to be uploaded.
  • Submit the selected ITRs. You can also verify the upload statuses’ of all ITRs together.
  • Post this, you can also download the ITR-Vs in bulk.

Individual filing of ITRs

  • If you are filing individual ITRs, then decide if it is with or without DSC.
  • If it is with DSC, just upload the XML generated with DSC. Verify the status. And you are done.
  • If you are filing without DSC, upload the XML file and e-verify your return.
    • If e-verification is not possible, then, download the ITR-V and submit it to the CPC.

Manage all these processes and more with Saral TaxOffice.

*Our pricing is not based on the no. of ITRs, you file. See more.

procedure for bulk e-filing of ITR