Procedure for Digital Signature registration and generation of DSC for e-filing

Hello, in this post we will look into the Digital Signature Certificate registration at ITD portal. You can use DSC Management Utility – Digital signature for Income Tax and other returns. Also, we discuss the steps to generate a signature file.

Income Tax Department is bringing in newer ways to make online return filing easier for a Taxpayer. Now, Taxpayers can digitally sign their returns through DSC (Digital Signature Certificate).

Currently, you can use of DSC is to:

  • To file Income Tax Returns
  • For registering and verifying PAN online
  • For filing TDS returns online

The department has developed a new system utility for digitally signing the returns. This utility is called as ITD e-filing DSC Management Utility which enables the user to use the DSC for IT, TDS and other return filing purposes. You can download this utility to your system and use it for signing returns.

Steps to register DSC at Income Tax Portal

Step-1: Login to Income Tax efiling portal

Step-2: Goto “Profile Settings” and select on “Register Digital Signature Certificate”

Step-3: Click on “Click here to download the DSC Utility”. The DSC Management Utility zip file will be downloaded

Step-4: Extract the downloaded DSC Utility and open the Executable Jar File (DSC Utility). Read the instructions carefully

Step-5: In the DSC Management Utility, go to ‘Register/Reset Password using DSC’ tab. Here, Enter the e-Filing User ID, PAN of the DSC and then select the type of ‘Digital Signature Certificate’ (DSC)

Step 6:

DSC using .pfx file:

  1. Select the Type of DSC .pfx file
  2. Browse and attach the .pfx file
  3. Enter the password for private key
  4. Click ‘Generate Signature file’


DSC using USB token:

  1. Select the Type of DSC USB Token
  2. Select USB Token Certificate
  3. Click ‘Generate Signature File’

Step 7: Browse and attach the signature file in the efiling portal and Click on ‘Submit’

This completes the Digital Signature Certificate registration in the portal

Steps to generate a signature file for e-filing

Step-1: Download ‘ITD e-filing DSC Management Utility’ from the link provided in e-filing window at the time of return file upload.


Go to Income-Tax efiling website -> Download -> Offline Utilities -> DSC Management Utility and then click on Download

Step-2: Extract the zip folder and open the utility (DSC_MGMT_UTILITY.jar)

Step-3: The utility will be open. Read the instruction shown in the Instructions tab. Then, select on the Upload XML

Step-4: Browse the Valid XML file

Step-5: Select the type of Digital Signature Certificate

  • .pfx file or
  • USB token

Using .pfx file:

Click on ‘Browse DSC File’ button to select a valid ‘.pfx’ file and then enter the password for the file.

You need to Click on ‘Generate Signature file’ button. A success message will be displayed and the signature file will be generated and saved at the location where the return file is stored.

Using USB token:

You need to select a valid certificate from the drop-down and enter the PIN of the USB token. A success message will display and then the signature file will generate and saved at the location where the return file is stored.

Step-6: Upload the generated signature file with the return file in the eFiling portal to complete filing with DSC.

This completes DSC generation for e-filing.

It also completes our post on registration and generation of DSC for e-filing. If you have any queries or doubts regarding this post kindly drop them in the comment section below.