E-payment of Income Tax through Saral Income Tax

Hello, in this post we will learn how to do e-payment of Income tax through Saral Income tax.

E-payment is a process of making payment for pending tax through the online payment system. In this post, we will the process of making e-payment of pending tax through Saral Income Tax

Before making the payment, enter all the necessary income and deduction details in Saral Income Tax, to compute the tax liability. Now, decide how the tax has to be paid i.e. over-the-counter or through online.


Any assessee who is under tax audit has to pay the tax through online mode.

Let us start

To pay the tax online through Saral Income Tax, go to e-Transaction menu and select Internet Explorer. Here, select the option e–Payment.

E-payment of Income Tax - Select Internet explorer

The assessee details required for payment are auto fetched and displayed for verification. If any changes are necessary for the details, click on Cancel and go back. Else, continue by clicking on Next.

E-payment of Income Tax - Continue with auto fetch details

Next, select the type of tax from the list shown, which you need to pay.

E-payment of Income Tax - Type of tax

  • Advance Tax: In order to make an advance tax payment
  • Sur Tax: It is to make a surcharge payment
  • Self-Assessment Tax: To make balance tax liability under the head Self-Assessment Tax
  • Tax on Distributed Profits: For making payment of tax on profits or dividends distributed between the shareholders
  • The Tax on Regular Assessment: In order to make payment of tax that arises after the return assessment by the Assessing Officer
  • Tax on Distributed Income: For the making of tax levied on the domestic companies for buyback of shares.

On selecting the required type of tax for payment click on Next to proceed.

Now, select the bank through which the payment will be done. All the authorized banks for payment are the list in the dropdown. Select the applicable bank and click on Next.

E-payment of Income Tax -Select the applicable bank

The details will be transferred to e Payment Wizard of NSDL-TIN website. Here, verify the details and select the mode of payment i.e. Net-banking or Debit Card.

E-payment of Income Tax -select mode of payment

Scroll down, enter the Captcha Code and click on Next Process.

E-payment of Income Tax - Enter Captcha code

Now, the details are verified against the ITD database and asked for the Assessee confirmation. If the details are correct, tick “I Agree” for the consent statement and click on Submit to proceed for the payment.

E-payment of Income Tax- Assessee confirmation

The page will be redirected to the selected bank internet banking website from where the Assessee has to continue for payment with their Net-banking credential or debit card details and complete the payment.

E-payment of Income Tax -Complete payment

On successful payment, you will get a generated payment counterfoil which has to be saved and kept for reference.

This ends the post on E-payment of Income Tax through Saral Income tax. Comment below.