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Saral TaxOffice 2008 Released

Relyon on March 2008, released the new Saral TaxOffice 2008 to the market. The new release comes with major improvements in look and feel as well as technology.

The major update in the software is the back end scalability. Now saral taxOffice is scaled to MS-SQL Express edition 2005, where in it can handle large data and simplify LAN deployment for multi user version. How ever, the MS-Access backend version will be available by default, but can handle only up to 50 Client / Contact information.

The existing users using earlier version can upgrade to the new version by downloading the full setup and installing it. But data needs to be converted using the Conversion utility, which will successfully port it to new release.

Further there is also a major change in Data File Management. Earlier it was storing the data files with extensions *.RBO [back Office file] and *.RTC [Compliance Modules]. Now both are merged and saved in a single data file by name *.RTO extension [Relyon Tax Office]. The conversion utility will successfully transfer the data from earlier format to new format of data files.

Release notes of new Saral TaxOffice 2008

Saral Office 2008 :
  1. Improved look and feel and data access
  2. MS SQL 2005 and Access backend provided
  3. Web Updates option is provided for downloading updates
  4. Remainder feature is provided for Client interactions and To do list
  5. Advanced Backup and Restore feature is given for taking client wise backup and restoring it
  6. Attach TDS- facility is provided to attach existing TDS files to STO clients depending upon assessment year
  7. More number of reports are provided
  8. New and advanced help is given
  9. Import/Export to excel' feature is given for exporting client details to excel and importing client details from excel


  1. Document management Plug-in is provided for file/documents management with various features like search, filter and attachment of documents to the selected client
  2. Inward Outward Register (I/O Register) plug-in is provided to maintain the documents of his Clients. It holds the details of all inward documents and documents given back
  3. Library Management plug-in is provided for maintaining the books and It provides features for binding and unbinding of journals and shows the status of the library
  4. Billing and Receipts plug-in is provided

Billing and Receipts Changes Done:

  1. In option settings Cash and Mercantile accounting methods have been removed.
  2. Financial year has been removed from option settings. Financial year will be set from Saral Office. (Billing and Receipts settings should be saved for the selected financial year).
  3. Head of account option removed from receipt screen.
  4. Bill List details option removed in the bill screen.
  5. Setting financial year in register screen has been removed. (Financial year will be set from Saral Office)
  6. Amount Inclusive of tax option removed in the Bills screen. This option can be set in the ‘Bill Format settings’ and thus for the selected format, this option will be applied automatically.
  7. Primary education cess and Secondary education cess components will be displayed separately in the transaction screens.

 Billing & Receipts New Features:

  1. Round off settings provided for the amounts appearing in the transactions.
  2. Series driven bills options are provided. (Single series bills/Multiple series bills)
  3. In option settings, user can set threshold limit for service tax or apply service tax from rupee one.
  4. In option settings user can select option such as show non-taxable amount also and Include amount inclusive of tax in bills.
  5. Print on save option provided.
  6. In the Service Tax Master, ‘Sub Class’ is provided for the tax type ‘Taxable’.
  7. Service Tax calculations are provided for Receipts.
  8. In Receipts, Instantaneous setting off of Bills/Debit Notes is provided in the same screen
  9. Option to rise ‘Advance Receipts’ has been provided.
  10. In Receipt and Credit note screen TDS/write-off details have been provided.
  11. In the Receipts screen, 2 additional modes of payment such as ‘Credit/Debit card’ and ‘Transfer’ options are provided.
  12. For Debit note, three options such as ‘Difference in Bill’, ‘Expense Reimbursement’, and ‘Service tax’ have been provided.
  13. Option to set the company logo has been provided (While printing).
  14. Cancellation of any transaction is allowed (Subsequent acceptance of the cancelled transaction is also allowed).
  15. In Debit note register screen, ‘Show Receipts also’ option has been provided.
  16. In Credit note register, Bill wise details option has been provided.
  17. In Receipt, Debit note and Credit note registers user can view Non taxable, Taxable, TDS/Write-off amounts and the corresponding service tax details
  18. In all reports user can set the page settings and also specify the paper size settings.
  19. User can also specify the number of copies he wants to generate.
  20. Option to print 2 transactions per page is provided.
  21. ‘Generate ST3 Return’ option is provided in the ‘Billing and Receipts’ module. By enabling the option, All the Transactional details will be transferred from ‘Billing and Receipts’ module to ‘Service Tax’ module, and hence allowing the user to generate service tax returns (ST3 returns).
  22. In Bills report, Firm caption option has been provided.

Income Tax

  1. Improvised look and feel
  2. Supports MS SQL and MS access Backends
  3. Computation for the A.Y 2009-10 for Individual , HUF, Firm and company
  4. Simultaneous view of Normal computation and Form 16 computation for individuals in a separate tabs
  5. Form 16 & Statement of Total income report for Individuals
  6. Multiple assessee details of Form 16 & Statement of Total income report in a single excel sheets.
  7. Same screen retention when assessee switched to other.

Wealth Tax

  1. Supports MS SQL 2005  backend

 Audit Report

  1. Supports MS SQL 2005 backend

Balance Sheet

  • Supports MS SQL 2005  backend
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