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Saral TaxOffice 9.04 version

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Release Note for Saral TaxOffice

Income Tax

New Feature::

  • e-Transaction
    • New User Registration – Register Assessee PAN with ITD e-filing website.
    • Change / Forgot password – Reset the password with ITD e-filing website.
    • Download All Forms – Downloads ITR XML, ITR-V and ITR PDF to user system.
    • Upload Return in response to Notice U/s 139(9).
  • Utilities - Import from Excel (ITR1, ITR2)
    • Imports multiple assessee details from an Excel template which is required for e-Return filing
    • Imports Assessee details, Employer details, Salary Income, House property Income, Other Sources Income - Interest etc & Chapter VI-A deduction from Excel.
    • Procedure to Import
    • 1. Enter the above said details in an Excel template provided/ Copy the details from the required source and paste (Paste Special) them in the Excel template.
      2. In case one employer is there for all assessee, then user has to provide employer details once. System will import same employer details to all assessee.
      3. Select Excel file containing data to Import.
      4. System will display the errors, if any for the user to correct the same.
      5. Once the errors are cleared, click import to import the details to the Income Tax module.
  • e-Transaction
    • Bulk e-Filing processing status – Downloads detailed e-filing process status of multiple assessees from the e-filing portal of the ITD.
    • Bulk Refund status – Downloads detailed refund status of multiple assesses from the NSDL website.
    • E-Filing processing status – Shows the detailed e-filing process status of single assessee.
    • Refund status – Shows the detailed refund status of single assessee.
  • Assessee details – ITD Profile – Downloads assessee details like address, contact information etc from ITD profile. User can select details from ‘ITD profile downloaded’ in case there is any mismatch and export the same to assessee details screen.

Enhancements ::

  • ITR 1 (Sahaj) and ITR 4S (Sugam) and ITR 2 e-Return and paper return enabled for A.Y. 2014-15.
  • Computation enabled for A.Y. 2015-16
  • Computation Report – Option is provided to display Audit Firm details in computation report.
    “Print Audit Firm details in computation report” option is provided in Master -> Option Settings
  • XML import provided for ITR 1 & 4S (A.Y. 2014-15)
  • Tax meter enhanced to show separated details of SOP & LOP and TDS – Salary & TDS – Others.
  • Excel report provided for Bulk e-filing/Refund process status.
  • Filter Clients based on Assessee status (Individual/Company/Partnership Firm etc.) in Assessee list. Click on Search button and select Status.
  • Form 49A & Form 49AA Blank Forms updated.
  • For Company Assessee – ITR7 is enabled from A.Y. 2014-15
  • Computation for Specified Business U/s 35AD provided from A.Y. 2014-15
  • Changes incorporated related to ‘Number of tax audit conducted by a CA during a year is increased from 45 to 60 w. e. f 01/04/2014’
  • Due date for Final installment of Advance Tax extended from 15th Mar 2014 to 18th Mar 2014, for A.Y. 2014-15
  • Notes/Attachments link provided in status bar, now user can make note or attach documents when they are making any entry in salary/ Business/Other source/Capital gain, etc.

Details of Version 8.12 is available here >>

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