File Creation in Saral Income Tax

Hello, in this post we will learn the steps for file creation in Saral Income tax software. Follow the steps.

Saral Income Tax is the software used to file your Income Tax return at the ITD website.

Firstly, the user has to create a new file in Saral Income Tax to start the process of return filing. To create a new file, go to New Firm under File Menu.

Steps for file Creation in Saral Income Tax software 1

In the window displayed, first select the Server Name under which the file has to be created. Next enter the Firm Name. Also, enter the User name and password for the database. Now click on Create to create the new firm.

Steps for file Creation in Saral Income Tax software 2


  • Server Name is the database name where the file created will be saved.
  • Check button will be shown whether the server is connected or not. If the connection fails, please contact the support.
  • Default username of the database is sa and password is reladmin@123. The password can be changed at the time of software installation.

This will create a new file/firm for Income Tax return preparation and filing.

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This ends the post on file creation. Stay tuned for more tutorials.